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How Can I Create The Perfect Email Marketing Campaign?

Email marketing is a fast-growing online marketing tactic, but can be extremely overwhelming. Creating the perfect email marketing campaign can take a lot of designing, tweaking and testing, which results in taking a lot of time. Use these tools to help you seamlessly launch an online marketing campaign!


Hellobar – Optimize your site for lead generation

Hellobar allows you to set up an email signup form right on your website!

Check out Hellobar here!


Mailchimp – Manage email lists

Mailchimp allows you to set milestones to automatically send to your customers.

Check out Mailchimp here!


WebEngage – Automate more

WebEngage is an automation platform that can send push notifications to customers to remedy them about your newsletter.

Check out WebEngine here!


PadiAct – Improve your targeting

PadiAct is a platform used to improve email subscription calls-to-action. It has many useful features, including letting users place their click to call in the best place possible.

Check out PadiAct here!


Mosaico – Optimize your email templates

Mosaico lets you generate branded templates for newsletters, sales announcements, welcome letters and more! With the easy drag to drop customization, it’s quick and easy to use!

Check out Mosaico here!


Contactually – Manage your leads properly

Contactually connects with Google Accounts and Office365, allowing you to sync your contacts lists. It also personalizes your targets based on your past interactions!

Check out Contactually here!


SalesLoft – Improve your conversions

As a child product of Saleforce, you can connect SalesLoft easily and integrate your CRM with this helpful sales development platform.

Check out SalesLoft here!

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