How Can I Create More Effective Video Ads?

With many social platforms and blogs making the pivot to video, video ads have grown exponentially in popularity. A major concern by many companies is return on investment: creating a video can take time and money, and they want to make sure they see the site traffic and conversions to validate the expense. Follow these steps to make sure you are creating high-quality, engaging content for potential and current customers!

Make Relevant Content

A major issue many viewers have with traditional commercials on television is how the advertising can take them out of the show: the switch from a dark, emotional moment to a bright and cheery commercial can be jarring and turn the viewer off. Making sure your advertising matches the content your viewers are watching is critical to your success. Using demographic information from your Google Analytics, Google Ads and Search Console accounts can help determine relevant search queries and content to match your ad to, adding more to the experience and even convincing the user to spend more time watching rather than taking away from the video. If your content can apply to a broad range of users, there are thousands of small tweaks you can easily make to your ad in order to remain relevant.

Create Partnerships with Creators

YouTube creators have been able to forge strong, meaningful relationships with their fans as they interact on various social platforms and in the comments section of their videos. Reaching out to creators who may be interested in your product or service can lead to a partnership where the creator uses your brand in a video, whether it’s redecorating an office space, cooking a meal or renovating part of their home, linking to your site and social media channels. If the creator enjoys their experience, compliments in the video, as well as exclusive discount codes, can lead to more of their fans trying out your business to replicate the experience.

Include Relevant Calls-to-Action

Make sure your viewers know how to get in contact with you, or how to interact with your company online. This can be easily communicated by including calls to action throughout your video, including your phone number and your web address. You can do this by superimposing your phone number in the lower third of the viewable screen in the ad and by using CTA overlays, available in TrueView ads. After setting up your calls-to-action, make sure all links are trackable in Google Tag Manager if you embed the video on your website.

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