How Can I Create More Compelling Content?

Where there’s a website, there’s content, but where there’s a successful website, there’s compelling content.

When constructing a website, it can be quite easy to write content just for the sake of, well, writing content. While this approach is certainly easier and requires far less maintenance, it’s not necessarily ideal. If you’re looking to reach the highest potential with your website, you’ll want to be a little more conscientious of content.

How Can I Create Better Content?

First of all, I would steer away from the use of the word “better”, as it can be misleading. You are not improving the overall merit of your content, but rather writing content that is better suited for increasing web traffic.

Though your content could be articulate and well-written, at the end of the day, if it’s leads you want, you’ll want to shift your focus to a more SEO-friendly frame of mind. A few ways to do this follow below:

Emphasis on Incentive

Above everything else, website conversions are what helps keep your business running. Whether it’s a customer calling you, filling out a contact form, etc., it is ultimately their actions at the end of the day that keeps your business, well, doing business.

Though we admit this tip is far from rocket science – the importance of some sort of ‘call to action’ cannot be overstated. Visitors of your website can read your content, and that may be useful in its own right, but conversions are where the ‘meat’ is.

Know Your Audience

This golden rule of marketing shines bright when it comes to writing compelling content. Whatever audience or demographic you’re targeting – ensure that you are really connecting with them.

For example, if you were a guitar shop in Encinitas, California – home to some of the best surfing in Southern California, you might say, “Looking for a guitar to unwind with after a long day of surfing? Our shop has you covered!” or something along the lines of that.

Who Doesn’t Love Images?

Break up the monotony of text with images, videos, and other forms of media. If you’re a contractor, for example, you can provide images of the work you’ve completed. This way, right then and there, visitors will understand what to expect from you and your business, as they have seen the results of it.

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