How Can I Create Content That’s Beneficial For Local SEO?

The content for local SEO includes text, images, and even videos tailored explicitly for local searchers’ needs. It can appear on websites, local landing pages, Google My Business profiles, and other places. To discover what content performs best for local SEO, continue reading below to learn more.

Can I Create A Landing Page For A Specific Area?

Yes – you can dedicate a page for a specific location you’re targeting. Ranking in local SERPs is much easier if you have a location page. Creating an individual page for each area is a bright idea if you operate a local business with multiple locations. Include information about popular restaurants, attractions, and things to do for visitors. Not only is it crucial for your audience to learn more about what you offer, but it shows them your knowledge and understanding of their area. Try looking at Google Analytics to see if there are specific areas that your users are searching throughout that you can expand upon.

What Can An FAQ Page Do For Local SEO?

One of the most effective ways to provide local SEO content is through FAQ pages. By creating an entire page dedicated to the most popular questions your clients have, you’re not only advising about your services, but you’re also incorporating some keywords to what users may be searching for when it comes to the services you offer. You can also include FAQs on a service page. Incorporate a small box dedicated to three or four specific questions directly to this service.

How Can I Publicize That I’m Hosting Local Events?

You’re missing out on some powerful local SEO tactics if you don’t announce local events on your website. Whether you’re partnering with another local brand or trying to advertise a new product or service, one of the best ways to publicize your event is to dedicate a webpage to it. It may not be a bad idea within the webpage to create a calendar for your upcoming events. A company called Milestone increased the organic traffic of Charley Creek Inn, a luxury boutique hotel, by 81% after incorporating a calendar of events. 

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