How Can I Create Better Converting Landing Pages?

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How Can I Create Better Converting Landing Pages?

Landing pages are an integral part of digital marketing, getting visitors to convert and either buy your product or reach out to your business is one of the main ways to track the success of your SEO efforts. You’ve done all the hard work whether it was organically or through paid search to get customers to your page, now it’s time to get them to convert.


When writing landing page copy you want to keep some thing in mind. Make sure to keep it clear, concise and provide a call to action that gives the customer exactly what they came to the page for. Want some tips on how you can create much better converting landing pages? Keep on reading below!


Tips to create better landing pages

1) Utilize Customer Testimonials

One of the easiest way to gain a potential customers trust if for them to see testimonials from already pleased customers. If prospective customers see that you are actually delivering a great product or service and other people love it, they will be more enticed to purchase or use the service. The best part about testimonials is that you don’t even have to do any of the hard work! The customer can write this copy for you.


2) Showcase the Benefits of Your Product/Service

A lot of companies and businesses will try to push their product day in and day out (which is all fine and dandy) but they forget to emphasize the most important part, the benefits you provide to your customer! For the most part when customers are searching for your business, they already know what product or solution they need. They are now looking for benefits of the solution compared to your competitors. Customers these days are a lot smarter and have access to more information at their finger tips, it’s no longer about providing a service, but standing out benefits wise.


3) Write an Eye-Catching Headline

For the most part, when customers land on your landing page they are not meticulously combing through all of the copy on the page. They are most likely skimming through it and subconsciously trying to get the information they came to the page for. This is why a great headline that will capture the readers attention and basically sum up the page is extremely important when it comes to writing copy for landing pages.

There are a few things that customers will most definitely notice; the headline, subheadline, pictures, call to action buttons, and maybe the major section headings. For the most part you will really want to fine-tune the copy for these portions of your landing page, the most important being a solid 10-15 words for the headline.


Some tips for a great headline are:

  • Make your headline large, strong, and clear.
  • Use a compelling subheadline that pushes product/service benefits.
  • Show large pictures that demonstrate the benefits of your products.
  • Use strong copy.
  • Break your copy up into major sections, led by a headline with large type (h2/h3 tags).
  • Use bullet points to discuss benefits of your product, the shorter the better.
  • Use short paragraphs, rather than long blocks of text. Any paragraph over five lines long can be hard to digest and readers will lose interest.
  • Use captions on your images.


4) Keep it SIMPLE

Readers do not like reading a novel on your newest product or latest service offered. They want clear and simple copy that gets them the answer they need in the shortest amount of time. Some of the best writers on the planet can convey a story or atmosphere using very little words.

But also be wary of useless buzz words. Some things to stay away from which have become very overused are:


“On-demand marketing software”

“Integrated solutions”

“Flexible platform”

“World/industry leader”

“Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity”

“Changing the way [insert service/product here] is done”

“Exceeding customer expectations”

Here are a few tips for keeping your landing page copy simple:

Use a simple sentence structure.

Keep sentences short.

Use short words. Short words are easy to understand and skim.

Don’t get fancy with your wording.

If you can be simple, you can write copy that will definitely convert.


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