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How Can I Condense Content for Mobile SEO?

Now that Google is introducing the mobile-first index and AMP pages, it’s important to create shorter, concise content. Google’s algorithms will be primarily focusing on the mobile version of a site’s content. If you have a responsive website then you don’t need to panic. However, if you have a mobile website that’s lacking content or is incomplete, your ranking will be significantly impacted.

What You Should Know About AMP

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) allows you to increase the load time of your website when users search on their mobile device. AMP stops external resources, extensions, etc from slowing down the load time of your website. In 2016, we noticed Google starting to place AMP pages at the top of search results.

In the event of there being no mobile results and only a desktop and AMP are available, Google will index the desktop version.

Formatting Content for Mobile vs Desktop

Since there’s a loss of screen space on mobile devices you must be precise and straightforward with your headlines. Browse through your desktop content and condense your content. Get rid of unnecessary fluff and move away from wordy content; include more calls-to-action.

Other suggestions:

  • Create a sense of urgency
  • Use an active voice to engage your audience
  • Incorporate thought-provoking verbs into the content
  • Write compelling, clear and precise content
  • Don’t link clutter

Copywriters – Use straightforward, powerful words!

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