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How Can I Come Up With New Blog Topics For My Website?

Creating blogs regularly for your website is a great way to help increase its traffic. You can use them to rank for keywords related to your services while answering common industry questions. They can help build trust between you and your audience, too! Unfortunately, sometimes you can hit a wall when it comes to generating new topics. You’ve already written about everything there is to write about, so how can you come up with new topics? We’ve assembled some helpful strategies for this below!

Use Google Search Console

Using the analytical data that comes from your website can be more helpful than you think when generating new blog topics. If you look under the “Performance” tab, you’ll see which search queries that you’ve performed the best for. Based on the amount of impressions and clicks that each one holds, they may be helpful blog topic ideas! You can also filter using the main question words (what, why, who, etc.) for a complete list of questions that people have about your services. You can answer these questions through new blogs!

Browse Through Question Forums

If you’re at a loss as to what to write about next, it may be helpful to take to question forums to look for ideas. Search for keywords related to your business, and take some time to browse through the different questions asked using them. Some ideal things to look for here would be questions that are asked multiple times by different people, or questions without a written answer to them. This will show you what people are asking for and how frequently they get asked, and you should generate new topics based on the most popular ones.

Think Outside the Box

We know that this is probably a strategy that you’ve tried already, but the important thing is how you go about it. Not every blog has to directly relate to one of your services! For example, if you’re a chauffeur service that offers airport shuttle service, you can write about tips on getting to the airport on time. This way, you can have a blog that has keywords that relate to your services without making the entire thing about them. Blogs like these have a better chance at netting a bigger audience, so don’t be afraid to get creative!

SEO With Boston Web Marketing

Of course, one of the biggest goals of blog writing is for it to help your SEO. There are so many more things that you can do to improve it, and Boston Web Marketing knows them all! We always stay up to date with best practices for SEO to help our clients reach the top of the search results. To see the difference that our services can offer, fill out a contact form today to get started!

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