How Can I Come Up with Creative, Engaging Content Topics?

A key part of your search engine optimization strategy is your website content. Blogs and service pages provide users with key information about your business, services, and products but also serve as a place for search engines to crawl and index your content for your main keywords. Struggling with ideas can be common, especially during the off-season. Follow these tips to come up with content ideas when you’re struggling with writer’s block!

Check Your Google Analytics

Are there pages or old posts you’ve written that once got a lot of traction but are now not getting you conversions or traffic due to age or out-of-date information? Check your analytics data to see! When determining content to rewrite, take a look at historical data going back at least three months. Look at pageviews, bounce rate, and conversions. If people have stopped viewing a page or are no longer clicking your phone number and filling out your contact form, this could be a good opportunity to rewrite the old piece of content with more in-date practices or product recommendations. If you take this route, make sure you resubmit the URL in Google Search Console for indexing.

Google Search Console

In Google Search Console, you will be able to see what terms users are using to have your website within search results. Sort by impressions, then clicks, then conversions to see which keywords generate the most for your business. Terms with high impressions and low clicks can generate topics for your content that can turn users into leads, then customers. These terms can be used to generate informational content as well as answer frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Question Generators

There are several tools available online that can generate frequently asked questions after a topic is inputted. A popular tool is called Ask the Public, which generates topics based on the five W’s and H: who, what, when, where, why and how. Choose a topic generated from the list and start writing! Frequently asked questions are an effective way to target long-tail keywords and questions a potential customer may have when starting their journey to find a business for a specific product or service, such as a home renovation project, the latest cell phone and getting your garden ready for the summer or fall.

Keyword-Rich & Optimized Content

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