How Can I Come Up With Content Ideas For My Website?

Content creation is a key factor for improving your website’s search engine optimization because without new, unique content Google won’t have enough information about your site to index its pages properly and help your rank. SEO content will drive more traffic to your website, and in turn will lead to more conversions like product purchases, calls, and physical visits to your business. However, unique content can be extremely difficult to come up with if you are having writer’s block and can’t think of anything relevant to add to your website. Here are a few tips on how to source content ideas to improve your website’s SEO:

Use Trending Topics

One great way to come up with ideas for your website is to look into trending topics in your industry. Writing about these trending topics can give you a leg up on your competitors by beating them to the punch as far as articles and blog topics that tons of people are currently looking up, which will greatly increase your site’s traffic. Google provides some great tools to help your business find trending topics in your industry like Google Trends, Google News, and even YouTube. 

Look Into Your Website’s Top-Performing Content

There’s no better way to find what works for your website than looking into what has actually worked for your website. By using Google Analytics to find what types of content on your site have performed well recently, you can find commonalities between them and try to use that to inspire new articles and blogs. If there’s a topic in your industry that has generated lots of clicks in the past but isn’t fully covered on your site, go back and write a deeper dive into it. 

Use Google Search Console

Another great way to find content topics relevant to your industry is by doing keyword research in Google Search Console. By using Search Console, you can look at reports of what search queries have led users to your website in the past. This can be helpful for generating content ideas because by gaining insight into what people are searching for, you can come up with blog topics that may rank for those queries.

Need Assistance With Content Creation?

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