How Can I Come Up With Catchy, Relevant Blog Topics?

If you’re constantly writing content, whether for yourself or for clients, you might find yourself running out of creative topics to use for relevant blogs. Writer’s block happens to everyone, and if you have problems coming up with topics, try one of these steps!

Perform Searches in Google

If you have an idea of what you want to write about but are having trouble coming up with the right angle, try searching for your topic online. You’ll be able to see how other writers tailored the piece to their business and think of ways the topic can apply to you. If nothing stands out, check out the related searches at the bottom of the page for additional ideas. These will be relevant to your industry and can be used for additional topics, or additional information to back up your piece.

Ask Your Followers

Do you have a large, active social media following? Ask your followers about products or services they would like to learn more about. Read through tweets, comments, and hashtags to see what people are thinking and saying about your industry to find a niche where your company can become an expert.

 What Are Your Competitors Focusing On?

If a certain type of content is oversaturated in your market, you’re not going to want to get lost in the shuffle. See what competitors are writing about in order to find out where your content is lacking and where you can become an expert in your field. If you missed certain topics, this is the perfect opportunity to write about how your company can help your customer base. If another business has a top ten list on a topic, come up with fifteen different reasons why your services are beneficial or necessary. If you haven’t written an FAQ post in a while, answer questions you see in their comments section, especially ones that have gone unanswered by your competition.

Recent Events in Your Field

While you don’t want to be the one breaking news in your field, if a new tool or method has been developed to help make your job easier, write about how your customers can benefit. News outside can be tied to your industry as well, particularly in terms of events. If you are attending a trade show and want customers to attend, make sure that it is publicized so your clients know to attend.

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