How Can I Choose the Right Keywords to Optimize For?

For as long as SEO has been around, so have keywords and targeting tactics. Many choose to focus on the quality of their website’s content as well as context, but we have to determine what keywords or topics to be well-positioned for. That being said, there are a ton of great tools, processes, and resources to use for keyword research. No matter how great the tools and such you choose are, there is always a risk that it doesn’t work out. Ultimately, you have to be cautious in choosing the keywords you optimize for.

Here are steps to take on your journey to keyword optimization:

Identifying Your Goals

As a first step, always identify the goals of your organic or paid search. Knowing what you want to accomplish for your business is always important. From there, it will be easier to work backwards to figure out how search will influence those goals. If you want to grow leads, engagement, or sales, you can figure out how much traffic or conversions you need.

Competitor Websites

Without assuming your competitors are doing SEO correctly or well, you can still check to see what keywords they are using on their website. It’s good to see who they are targeting or what they are adding to their site. Check their titles and meta descriptions, as well as topics of pages they have. Try to create a list of phrases, topics, and terms they use and figure out which ones relate to what you offer.

Start Your Keyword Research

Whichever tools you choose for keyword research, try to use some keywords of your competitors that you identified beforehand. From there, branch off of those and find related words that you think fit your own needs. Try to avoid using Google’s Keyword Planner for SEO purposes.

Identifying Topics

After doing some keyword research and finding relatable words, you can then validate the keywords to make sure they are the right terms. Make sure to find a balance between your topics and keywords to ensure it closely ties into your services, products, or other offerings.

Waiting for Results

After keyword research and optimization is done, it may take a while to see direct results. SEO takes time and patience to see it work. Certain keywords may perform better than others, but keep watching to see how you appear on the SERP.

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