How Can I Change My Website Without Affecting SEO?

Making changes to your website regularly is necessary, but how do you do so without losing the SEO ranking you have built up? A website makeover or redesign can enhance your SEO in the long run but you want to make sure you do not want to lose your SEO status along the way. It is always important to remember a website change should improve your website in some form. Whether that be easier navigation, richer content, or a faster website, always know the purpose you have in mind when updating your website. Here is a guideline on how to sustain your website’s SEO standing even when making changes to the platform.

Back-Up Your Website

If you have not backed up your website by now, it is essential to do so before making major changes to your website. Backing up your website is a good safeguard in case the unexpected happens when changes are implemented.

Utilize 301 Redirects

301 Redirects are permanent redirects that will take users looking for an old page on your website, to a new, updated one. 301 Redirects are the best way to inform search engines that a URL to your website has changed, and your website should not be penalized for it. Not implementing 301 redirects when you revamp a page on your website can lead to page 404 errors where the page will not load for users.

Verify or Update Your Sitemap

The sitemap of your website is essential. Your website’s sitemap is essentially a roadmap that will inform “crawlers” which pages across your website are important.

Pay Attention To Your Google Search Console

Google Search Console is an excellent way to monitor how your website is performing on search engines. Having a Google Search Console set up will also help search engines identify and crawl new pages on your website.

Monitor Your Website

Once the changes have been put in place, the job is not done. SEO results do not happen overnight so it is important to stay patient and keep track of the progress.

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