How Can I Build My Following on LinkedIn?

If your brand is looking to be established as an industry professional and leader, the best platform to utilize is LinkedIn.  This is the social media tool your brand should be utilizing to market to more businesses.
Whether you want to conduct B2B marketing via social media, or you simply want to get more traction on your company’s LinkedIn profile, here are four sneaky ways to put your business out there on one of the most popular platforms for professional social networking.
Like your own posts: Use your personal profile to get more attention on your company’s LinkedIn profile by liking your company’s posts.  When you like or comment on posts on LinkedIn, your “activity” appears on your connections’ newsfeeds.  This is a great means of showcasing your business as well as gain potential user engagement on the posts.
Engage with your employees: Your employees are your best brand advocates! Encourage your employees add their current position at the company to their profile.  This will automatically show up in their own personal connections’ newsfeeds, and is another means of putting your brand at the forefront of users’ newsfeeds.
Join LinkedIn Groups: Find groups on LinkedIn that are related to your industry and join discussion forums and take part in the conversation.  By joining the group as a company page and contributing to the discussion, it establishes your company as an industry leader.
Add the LinkedIn icon anywhere you can: In your email signature, on the homepage of your website, in email newsletters, and on other social media platforms; make sure to promote your company page to encourage users to follow your company page as well as connect with your personal profile!

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