How Can I Build an Effective Contact Page for my Website?

One of the most crucial elements on your website is the contact page. You can have the best content on the internet, the most amazing products, and quality services, but if potential customers don’t know how to easily reach you, it could all end up being a waste. Having a contact page that is clear and concise will make it simple for customers to get in touch with you. It is important to have the right information on the page because it will decide whether or not a customer chooses to contact or visit your business. Having your key contact information combined with photos, maps, or other visual elements creates an appealing contact page that can really help to improve your conversion rate, along with the user experience. Below we’ve listed some of the imperative items to include on your contact page.

Your Direct Contact Information

There are some elements that all contact pages should have. If you have multiple departments or locations, include information for all. For multiple locations, be sure to specify which one is your headquarters.

• Business name
• Business address
• Business phone number
• Business email address
• A Contact form

Social Media

Social media is a common way for businesses to stay in touch with their customers, especially to provide important updates and information. It’s also a way to showcase your brand’s personality and show behind the scenes looks of the business. On your contact page, be sure to include a button for each social media channel your business is active on. This way it is easy for users to find you and you’ll be able to build your following.


Having a map on your contact page is not a necessity, but it’ll improve the overall visual effect. If you have a brick and mortar store, it lets visitors see where you are located. If you perform services at customer homes, there are ways you can highlight your service area on the map, so visitors can see if you provide services in their town. Google Maps WD is a plugin for WordPress sites that enables you to do this.


Original photos will always enhance any page, and the contact page is no exception. It’s a good idea to have inviting pictures of the staff members who visitors will be contacting, or photos of your products or service. If you have a storefront that people can visit, include a photo of the front of the store so customers will recognize your business when they pull up to it.

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