How can I build a bigger presence on Google+?

Whether it is for personal reasons or business, having a strong presence on Google+ is a great way to promote your ideas, network with like-minded individuals and gain clients. Like other social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, in order to be recognized you need to build a strong presence. You should decorate your Google+ profile the same way you would on your Facebook page.

Here are 5 steps you can take to build a following on your Google+ profile:

  1. Elaborate your profile. If you are a company and you are trying to promote your business, use the same logo throughout all of your social media listings so that your brand is recognized across the internet. Be sure to fill out all and any necessary information that people will be searching for if they come across your page. An important recommendation Google provides when setting up your profile is to add a ‘tagline’. A tagline is crucial for SEO purposes because Google recognizes that tagline as part of your meta description.
  2. Post daily. Don’t be someone who just creates a page to say they have a page, and then never touches it again. Treat your Google+ page like your Facebook. Comment on posts that you have something in common with, or post a daily blog so that your page stays fresh and viewers can see new content rather than the same post that stays on your page for weeks at end.
  3. Follow me and I’ll follow you. Google+ allows you to search for people who share the same interests as you, which is a great feature if you are a business and are trying to gain clients. You can look at a competitor’s page who offers the same services as you, seeing what their followers are commenting on their page, and reaching out to them to promote yours.
  4. Be an active commenter. You can easily be recognized by consistently commenting on popular Google Plus pages. Commenting on relevant stories of news media services, popular bloggers, or public figures allows your comments to be seen by other users who are interested in the same topic, and some may decide to follow your Google Plus page in turn.

Share with your friends. Once you have a strong number of followers, kindly ask them to spread the word about your work as a business or personal accomplishments as a user. It never hurts to share a comment or page you like, that way other users are aware of your interests and if it is something that they too are interested in, well then that is how easy it gets to build a broader presence on Google+!

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