How Can I Boost Website Page Speed?

If you’ve been trying to get your business to rank well on Google search results, you most likely know that there are a variety of algorithms that play into creating those rankings. Did you know that page speed is a factor in Google Search Results? One of their algorithms favors websites with greater page speeds than others, which is why faster sites tend to show up first. If your website isn’t up to speed, how can you get it there? We offer some helpful tips for you below!

Optimize Your Images

A big reason why some websites don’t load as quickly as others is due to the types of images that they have on their site. When it comes to these, the subject matter isn’t that important. However, things like file size, type of image (.jpg, .png, etc.) and image quality can hinder your page speed if it isn’t set up properly. A good rule of thumb is that smaller images are better for page speed. If you’re uploading images, images with .jpg and .png in their file names don’t need as much power to load.

Limit Your Redirects

If you have a lot of links on your website that redirect to another page, it could slow your website down a lot! You should only be using website redirects when absolutely necessary. For example, if you rename a page and change the link name, you’ll need to make sure that the old link doesn’t bring you to a broken page! You shouldn’t need to use redirects in other instances, so stomp those out if they exist on your website.

Look At Your Hosting Provider

If you’ve exhausted your alternatives for boosting your page speed, take a look at the hosting service your website uses. If you’re using an older or cheaper service, that may be hurting your speed more than it helps! When your website gets more traffic, you’ll need to upgrade your service to ensure that it stays at the same speed. Look at more expensive plans and trustworthy hosting providers. Siteground and HostGator are two fantastic examples to take a look at!

Improve Your SEO With Boston Web Marketing

Of course, page speed isn’t the only thing Google uses to make its rankings. At Boston Web Marketing, our knowledge of algorithms will greatly assist in providing your website with the best SEO strategy possible. We’re always up to date with the latest changes to ensure that your website gets to the top of the rankings – and stays there! To get started, click here to contact us directly.

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