How Can I Boost Visibility to My Google My Business Profile?

Many businesses want to rank higher on Google to attract more customers. A great tool to use for better visibility online is Google My Business. Google My Business is a tool for managing and optimizing your business profile on Google. Following great tactics to maximize your profile will put your local business in the best position to get found and encourage searchers to become paying customers. Continue reading for tips to boost your Google My Business profile visibility. 

Reviews & Testimonials

Reviews and testimonials are great for your business profile. They display your business’s authenticity and turn potential customers into conversions with positive experiences. Third-party confirmation of your business’s service will make a searcher more likely to turn to you. Reach out to past customers that were happy with your service and ask them to leave a review. This can be done through email blasts, social media posts, or simply asking customers individually. Another great way to have customers leave reviews would be implementing a feedback section on your website. Regardless of how it is done, encourage your customers to be honest and detailed. 

Respond to Negative Reviews

Exceptional customer service is always a priority for a business, so it is necessary to respond to negative GBP reviews or avoid receiving them altogether. Make sure to cater to your customers–provide your services with full effort and expertise. If something does go wrong, fix the issue with urgency and understanding. These are great ways to avoid receiving negative reviews, but of course, things happen. If you receive negative feedback on your GBP, reach out to those customers with an apology. It is best to empathize with clients, and it shows the general public that you care about their experience even after they have received your service. 

Use GBP Tools

Google My Business has various tools for you to boost your business visibility. The Google Marketing Kit allows you to create free posters, stickers, and social media posts to advertise your business. The platform also acts as a social network by allowing users to follow your business profile and know about any updates or offers you provide. It is great for you to post on your business profile to keep followers in the loop.

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