How Can I Boost SEO With Limited Resources?

Sometimes, search engine optimization can be difficult to achieve if you have limited resources. You do, however, have options to maximize your SEO efforts when using limited resources: creating a targeted strategy. There are a lot of things that go into creating a successful strategy, including a lot of long-term planning, but here are a few things to consider doing:

    • The first thing to consider is aiming for a content strategy that increases use terms which are great for your business to be found for. While this does not necessarily mean targeting the most popular keywords in your industry, it does mean expanding your keyword usage to include more diverse and specific keywords, as well as making sure you are targeting correctly.
    • Increase your CTR whenever you can. If this means changing up all of your titles and meta descriptions, this may be a thing to heavily consider, as it will entice the customer to click on your site in the SERP’s instead of the competitions.
    • Pursue and develop a longer long-tail keyword inventory. This is in relation to the first tip. Expanding your keywords list is important and should be done regularly, whether you’ve just started your SEO strategy yesterday or you’ve been working towards it for years.
    • Boost the value of the traffic you already have.
    • Make sure to coordinate your SEO campaign with other marketing campaigns. This will ensure that you have a cohesive marketing strategy.

There are a few places that you can do research on this strategy. Here are some of the places you can look for opportunities in your data.

    • Pages where one type of device is doing much better. This may mean that you have a problem with the responsiveness on mobile, and this is a huge opportunity for businesses.
    • Pages that are not doing so well can be big places for improvement. Take a look at the content on the page and try to judge whether it’s thin, or if there is another issue with the page.
    • Identify pages that are doing well and figure out what is working on the pages. They might have more call’s to action. Perhaps the content is more engaging. No matter what the reason, try to determine the cause so you can implement these strategies on the other pages of your site. This can help to determine what you will want to do with the rest of the pages.

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