How Can I Boost My Ranking on YouTube?

YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world, following its parent company Google. Nearly 100 billion pageviews are tracked each month, with over 400 hours of new content uploaded each minute. However, getting your video seen is not as simple as posting it and promoting it on your blog and social media channels. In order to boost your ranking and traffic, it is critical to make sure you fully optimize your video for searches in the unique YouTube algorithm and create interesting content that the viewer will want to stay with for the duration of the video.

What’s in a Name?

From the name of the video to the title of the file, you have several opportunities to insert keywords and optimize for the desired demographics your content is designed for. When it comes time to give your video a title, make sure you include keywords that your users may be searching for that are relevant to the video. If you are having trouble coming up with ideas, you can use the autocomplete feature to see popular search terms used for similar content. Similar to how meta description works for your blog and service pages, your video description is critical to how you rank in search. While a video description can be longer than other forms of content, the first few sentences are critical and should contain relevant keywords that can be read by the algorithm. Did you know that your video file name is also a factor in your ranking? While you have the ability to add alt text to images in order to describe the image, YouTube uses your file name for a similar purpose. Make sure you retitle your video to include one or two focus keywords to help it index easier.

Include your transcript

While you are working on uploading your video, make sure you include a written transcription of the contents of the video. Using closed-captioning will make your video more accessible for the hard of hearing and can be translated in for viewers who speak different languages. The latest algorithm can automatically create a transcript by converting the audio file into text, which means you only need to review it for missed or garbled text. This increases the number of keywords affiliated with your video, which can help improve its search presence. Once you are done with your first video, go through and implement these changes on older videos to refresh them and boost your ranking!

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