How Can I Boost My E-Commerce Site?

E-commerce has become so user friendly and universally accepted across a variety of industries to the point where almost any business that provides a good, can have a functional E-commerce site up and running in less than a day (depending on the size of your product line).  If you have ever browsed for a product online, then you may be familiar with how Google can help small and large businesses to advertise and promote specific products via paid ad campaigns but also through organic means. This can help open up your products to people who may not be local to a physical store but still love your products! A business can utilize local & national search to compete with these larger chains for products such as fashion, jewelry, healthcare, and so much more.  When it comes to E-commerce, there are a variety of strategies that can be implemented to increase sales, traffic flow, and clicks overall such as click funnels and branding tactics that may interfere with traditional SEO methods.

For example,  the primary goal of an e-commerce site is generally to…well, sell products! This means that product pages with have a lower word count that would normally be utilized to help drive traffic through keywords & page relevancy, it is important to look into ways that will help grow your e-commerce site, without overdoing it by trying too many tactics that may not necessarily work well together. With that said, there are plenty of ways to help improve the performance of your e-commerce site while maintaining standard SEO practices.

Long-Tail Keywords

These are keywords that may not get much traffic but are specific searches that a potential customer would type in. For example, “t-shirt” might draw in a lot of traffic but also a lot of competition as well. “Environmentally friendly hemp t-shirts” however, that is something that is much more centered and is something far more browsers are willing to buy. Therefore, this not only improves your SEO ranking, but it increases your potential conversions as well.

Site Layout & Structure

An efficient site structure is important in the UX. It should make the content easily accessible and have the important pages no more than a few clicks away from the home page. The ideal site structure should look similar to this:

Homepage > Categories > Subcategories > Products

Unique Product Page Titles And Meta Descriptions

Following in line with the theme of specificity, this is another way to stand out from the crowd. A key point is to include the relevant long-tail keyword from the previous tip, as it will help boost your ranking even further. Try thinking of your meta description as an advertisement rather than a keyword plugin, as when it comes up in the search results literally is just that! A good example would be “Sustainably made environmentally friendly hemp t-shirts. Fairly sourced, fairly manufactured, fairly priced. Order today!”

Optimize Images for Alt-Text

Visuals and E-Commerce sites go hand in hand. As a best practice, make sure that all images on your site have an alt text that provides a clear description of what an image/ product is. Descriptive alt texts will help customers and bots alike will read the description in case the image fails to load.

User-Friendly E-Commerce Platforms

Below is a list of some of the most common E-commerce sites used by businesses throughout the world. Some are more complex than others so it is important to determine if you will be handling this internally or having a 3rd party maintain it for you!

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