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How Can I Become a LinkedIn Influencer?

Currently, there are about 320 million users on LinkedIn. While it is a great social media platform, it is very different from other programs like Facebook and Twitter. Below, we have some suggestions on mastering the LinkedIn platform.

  • If you want to become an influencer on LinkedIn, you need to be willing to put in effort and invest your time. This means generating content and sharing other content that is related to your company’s industry. By doing this, you’ll create influence naturally and won’t have to “sell” your services. You won’t necessarily see a huge increase in followers right away, but with patience, you’ll slowly see an increase.
  • While we encourage you to share website blog posts, you should also create original posts on LinkedIn. To show off your knowledge of an industry topic, create posts that are between 600-1000 works. Encourage followers to engage with you by commenting on their published posts or by responding to their comments on your posts.
  • When it comes to followers, a good rule to follow is quality over quantity. It may seem like a good idea to have a lot of followers, but you want them to come from the industry you’re targeting. Another rule to follow is follow other LinkedIn influencers. Take note and learn from what they do on LinkedIn to gain more quality followers.
  • As you post on LinkedIn, don’t forget about your website blog. Consider your LinkedIn profile as an additional way to share content. You most likely have built relationships with followers from your regular blog so keep updating there. You don’t want to lose those followers because you’re focusing on LinkedIn too much.

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