How Can I Avoid SEO Mistakes in My Blog?

Blogging has evolved significantly over the last several years, between algorithm updates and social media platform shifts. It’s easy to miss SEO best practices as the online world continues to evolve, and those mistakes may be costing you in pageviews and web traffic.
Many people can’t find the time to do proper keyword research while working on improving internal content, leaving your blog unoptimized and disconnected. Ideally, your content will all be thematically related and providing internal links would not be a problem. Long-tail keywords, such as question phrases or how-to tips, can help raise your blog’s profile in organic search and act as a lead generator of sorts. Your keywords will be bolded in your SERP listing, which can lead to a higher clickthrough rate. A major thing to avoid is keyword stuffing, or placing your keywords in places they don’t belong. This will make your content less readable, lowering your user’s experience and could ultimately have your content labeled as spam.
Internal links are an important and highly functional factor in SEO. You can develop a behavior flow through your site and distribute authority to links across your domain. Internal links define a structure and show crawling bots what web pages are the most important. Backlinks bear more weight in terms of ranking factors, but internal links can make your content more visible to crawlers.
When writing content, it’s important to keep your audience in mind. While proving you are knowledgeable about the subject is nice, no one is going to want to read something that is unnecessary complicated. Keep your content light and on-brand. Consistency will build up your brand in readers’ eyes and give your blog more authority. Add interesting and relevant images every 400 words to keep your audience interested, and optimize your alt text so it can viably rank in image search.  Make sure you promote new content across social media after publishing, so people know to read it!

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