How Can I Advertise My Event Online?

When you are working on organizing an event, the most important thing is getting people to attend to make sure your efforts, whether charitable, to drive business or promote your services, are going to work. If ticket sales aren’t what you were expecting, advertising online through organic posts and paid advertising can make your event more accessible and promote sales. Try following these tips to start promoting your event online!

Include mentions of it on your website

Create a blog post and a page about the event on your website. The post can be used to promote your event across social media in posts increasing in frequency as the date approaches. The page should be linked in your menu, the blog post and in a banner or popup visible on your homepage. The page should include calls-to-action leading to a phone number or a link to buy tickets. The landing page should include an event itinerary, short bios and video clips of any featured speakers and information about any benefitting causes, including who is being helped and how further donations can be made.

Make tickets accessible

In addition to having tickets available at your location or at the door of the event, you should be selling online to make it more convenient for your customers. Your event-specific landing page should include a form, widget or link to register and pay for a ticket including any information you would normally collect from leads. After the event, you will be able to take the attendee list and create a specific email campaign thanking them for participating in the event and even offering a discount or other deal for your products or services. You can also use your existing mailing list to send out invitations, sending them on a weekend for higher open and clickthrough rates.

Create PPC and Remarketing Ads

Using keywords related to your business, the event and the cause, create paid advertising to appear on search results and on the Display network. In addition to targeting new customers, create a remarketing campaign to appear for past customers or people who have previously clicked on your ads. If they have used your business or visited your site before, they may be inclined to participate based on their past experience. These ads should be created and implemented in the weeks leading up to your event in order to have an effective campaign.

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