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How Can I Add Annotations to Google Analytics Graphs?

Sometimes you want to note when significant changes happened to your website, or to Google’s algorithm, in order to analyze how your traffic was affected. A convenient tool in the Analytics toolbox is the ability to add annotations to your graphs. Here’s how:

  1. Open one of your Google Analytics properties.
  2. Go to the ‘Reporting’ screen.
  3. Click on the pull-tab that’s below the graph at the top of the Analytics screen.
  4. Click “+Create new annotation” on the right
  5. Set options for a new annotation:
    1. Select a date,
    2. add a description,
    3. set visibility,
    4. and save the new annotation.
    5. The annotation appears as a small speech-bubble icon over the appropriate date on your graph’s timeline

This is especially handy for tracking traffic changes after significant events. Major Google updates, website revamps, blog launches, promotions, and so forth are all great candidates for annotations. The annotations persist between sessions, which means you can always refer back to them– even months or years after making one.

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