How Can Google My Business Updates Help Local SEO?

Google My Business is continuously making updates to improve the platform for both users and businesses. Many updates have been made recently to cater to the changes in routine life this past year. The pandemic has caused the need for new information to be readily available on Google My Business. If you are a business owner, you should be aware of these new features so you can provide this information to potential customers. Here are a few of the recently released attributes and how they can help your local SEO.

Health and Safety Information

This feature is crucial for any business that interacts with customers face-to-face. Searchers are looking for reassurance that proper health precautions are being taken. Some of these attributes include mask requirements, appointment/ reservation requirements, and temperature check requirements.  Including all of this information will make customers feel more comfortable coming into your business during these uncertain times.

New Restaurant Information 

The restaurant industry has been highly impacted by the pandemic, and many businesses have altered their strategy in order to keep their doors open. Google is now highlighting delivery and pick-up options, outdoor dining, and dine-in options. Local customers are far more likely to order from your restaurant if these attributes are showcased on your Google My Business page. 


Google has introduced messaging directly on the platform to make it easier for customers to get the information they need. If your business has the ability to respond to these messages in a timely manner, it will be beneficial to your local SEO. This messaging will make it easier for customers to get their questions answered without having to call or come into the location. Customers love convenience. 

Online Service Offerings 

If you have a business that has the ability to offer certain services virtually, you should take advantage of this attribute.  Online appointment services, video consultations, or educational classes are more preferred by customers than traditional in-person options. Adding a section to your Google My Business page highlighting these offerings will prove beneficial to your local SEO. 

Black-Owned Businesses 

Google has added the ability to showcase your black-owned business. There has been an increase in user searches for these businesses because of the shift towards supporting the fight against racial inequality. This feature will make it easier for customers to locate and show support to these businesses. 

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