How Can Google My Business Help My Company?

One of Google’s most valuable tools for businesses is Google My Business. Since its creation, Google has expanded this tool to add even more features to make the tool as useful as possible. You probably notice a Google My Business account most often when you search for a business name or a knowledge graph. Follow along to learn how to take advantage of all the features of Google My Business!

Business Information

Google My Business asks for as much information as you can give about your company in order for them to both learn more about the business and for potential customers to get all the information they need. There is a long list of questions Google is looking for you to answer but the most crucial ones you must answer are your business name, address, phone number, and website. Be sure to triple check this information to be sure it is correct! Google will also ask questions about your business’ location such as if it is wheelchair accessible. Do your best to answer each of these questions in order to give your customers an accurate read of your business.


One of the best features on Google My Business is the ability to post, as you would on a social media platform. Your most recent posts will show up along with the rest of your Google My Business profile when users search for your business, so this is another strategic way to speak to potential customers and let them know any updates, sales, or other important information. 


Once you set up a Google My Business profile, Google will begin tracking how many searches your business appeared in and how many phone calls and website visits you’re getting. Measuring growth is easy with Google’s insights tool, which allows you to see the number of people who searched for your business over 1 week, 1 month, or the past quarter.

Google Maps

Something that’s very important to customers is the location of your business. Once you add all your location information into Google My Business it will automatically put your business location on Google Maps. Having your location on Google Maps is very beneficial because your business will start to pop up for customers who may not be searching directly for your business but searching for businesses like yours in your area. Customers also like convenience so if your business is closer to them than another similar business, they are likely to go to you first. Google My Business allows you to track how many times your business shows up on Google Maps which will give you even more insights about your business’s Google presence. 


Google My Business also features a review section! As many business owners know, reviews are extremely beneficial. Customers like to make sure other people have had a good experience with your business before they visit or buy something themselves, so getting many Google reviews is key. Having a section for reviews on Google My Business helps potential customers easily read insight about your business so that they don’t have to go searching for reviews elsewhere when your business pops up on Google. 

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