How Can Google Analytics Help My Business?

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How Can Google Analytics Help My Business?

If you own and operate a small-medium sized business, knowing the ins and outs of your website likely on your long to-do list. Luckily, there are many ways to get insight into your website and its users without needing to be a tech professional. One such tool is Google Analytics (GA). Continue reading to find out a few of the many things you can use Google Analytics to do in order to improve both your users’ experiences and your chances of getting more conversions.


Set Up Goals

Google Analytics allows you to set up goals and easily keep track of how many goals you are achieving. Two goals used frequently are contact form submissions and click-to-call phone calls. Once you set up your goals, GA makes it easy for you to check on your goals and compare how many goal completions you have one month to the next.


Test Your Site Speed

GA has a relatively new tool that allows you to test the load time of your website. Site speed is not only a ranking factor for Google, but also has a great influence on how people will interact with your site. Use this tool from Google to make sure your site is loading fast enough to avoid hurting your rankings and increasing your bounce rate.


Get to Know Your Visitors

One of Google Analytics’ strongest suites is showing you about the people who are interacting with your website and what exactly they’re doing. This will help you to not only mold your content toward your audience but also to see where you can improve particular pages.


Track What People Are Searching

By enabling the “Site Search” tool, you will be able to track what people are searching for on your website. This insight could help you restructure your site to make it easier for people to find popular things they are searching for and make other improvements where necessary.

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