How Can FAQ Pages Boost Your Content Strategy?

Having an FAQ, or frequently asked questions page on your website can help serve many purposes. Whatever business or industry you’re in, your customers must have certain common questions. But these pages don’t serve a single purpose – there’s an element of SEO behind it. This is where an FAQ page can be extremely helpful on your site.

Credibility & Industry Knowledge

If a user navigates to your site and sees an impressive FAQ page with valuable information and relevant questions, it can help position you as an industry expert. When users see this expertise on your site it will show them that your company or business is trustworthy and knowledgeable, and subconsciously they will be more likely to choose you. A Q&A page establishes transparency with your customers but also increases accountability. Whenever you change your policies or update terms, don’t forget to indicate so in the FAQ.

Time Saver

Simply put, an FAQ section saves time because it puts all the answers in one place. Instead of having to browse the web or call businesses, the visitors can go to your FAQ page and find what they’re looking for. A user who has seen your FAQ page before is more likely to revisit it again if they ever have questions because they’ll know they can find the answer on your site. If you operate an e-commerce business, disclose information about shipping and returns under the FAQ page. Or, if you offer niche services, describe the process and expectations for your customers.

SEO Value

An FAQ section is also a perfect opportunity to help boost your rankings because of the type of content that goes into an FAQ page. An FAQ page is a list of questions and answers, questions that allow targeting of long-tail keywords, and answers that allow keyword-rich content and valid explanations. Google’s algorithm known as Hummingbird is responsible for categorizing question-type queries. Moreover, question-type queries also play a big role in the ever-growing voice search. Q&A sections allow you to focus on common questions and therefore common search queries, so they can help your website improve its rankings!

If you have any more questions about the benefits of an FAQ page, just visit our FAQ page! Or contact Boston Web Marketing directly! Our digital marketing specialists will develop a unique content marketing strategy to increase your online visibility and help your business grow.

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