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How Can Email Marketing Help Your SEO Efforts?

Emails themselves do not help your website rank higher on search engines, but the information in the emails can. Emails cannot directly help you rank higher because emails are not indexed by search engines for keywords. So the more emails you send does not necessarily increase your page rank. However, the goal of an email campaign is usually to get opens and click-throughs for your website, conversions, and engagement, which can result in an SEO increase. Here are ways email marketing can help boost your SEO efforts.

Drives quality traffic to your website

Usually, your list of contacts are people who are interested in your business or who at one point were. If you put together an email campaign or newsletter personalized to the interest of these people, it is more likely they click on your website to read more about it. These campaigns can be a possible sale you’re promoting, an event you’re putting on, or be just an informative newsletter about your company. When writing the content for email campaigns you must keep in mind what will interest your consumers the most.

Improve onsite engagement

Once consumers click on your site through the email campaign, they are likely to spend time engaging with your site. You can then work toward increasing the time people spend on certain pages and decreasing bounce rates. The longer the visitor spends engaging with your website, the more likely they are to convert. Your email campaigns should be designed to match the interests of the audience. The more effective you become at that, the better your search visibility can become over time, increasing your SEO efforts.

Re-use newsletters for content

Newsletters that you send via email are usually full of informative, new, and original content. While these newsletters in an email do not help your website rank higher, they can be used in other SEO strategies. Recycling these newsletters as blog posts is an awesome way to get more SEO attention. Blog posts are great for SEO because adding new information constantly to your site will help search engines see that your website is active and has fresh content. This strategy also allows people who are not subscribed to your emails to also read this new and informative content. Once the blog post is made you can then share it on your social platforms. Now, not only your subscribers and website visitors can see this content, but your social media followers can too!

Take customer reviews through emails

Survey emails are a great tactic for helping your business rank higher. The more reviews your company gets the better for your SEO. The language and keywords customers use while writing reviews are often the same language and keywords they type in while searching for your business. These reviews will get indexed through the search engines and help your business rank higher. So sending survey emails asking for feedback is a great email marketing strategy.

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