How Can CSS Benefit My SEO?

When we talk about web development being beneficial to SEO, much of the time, we talk about HTML and how the structure and placement are highly important to search engines when they crawl your website. Another aspect of coding that can be very relevant, however, is CSS, or cascading style sheets. CSS is incredibly helpful to the overall design of your website, which can create many SEO benefits from helping drive traffic to making the jobs of bots easier when they crawl your website. Here’s a look at how you can use CSS to benefit your SEO

Cleans Up Your Coding When Detailing Keywords

Many times when we write content, we’ll often emphasize a word like this to show its importance to the message we are often trying to convey in content. In HTML, this is what we know as a <em> tag. With CSS, you have a different page that covers this all together on the back end of a website, so instead of placing the <em> tag next to your text, you can instead create a separate style sheet for your CSS and place the information about what you want the word to look like in there. This will help clean and organize your code and help search engines see the immediate structure set by the HTML of your website without looking through copious amounts of internal CSS that can be found in HTML 

Increases Page Speed 

Search engines will not take nearly as much time with CSS implemented externally for a webpage. Without extraneous amounts of CSS code being implemented inside of an HTML structure, search engines can crawl a website’s content quickly and more efficiently. This, in turn, makes the website’s loading speed quicker, which is known to be a great asset for search engine rankings. 

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