How Can an Email Drive Up SEO Results?

Emails do not directly improve search results. By that I mean your emails are not being indexed by Google or Bing for search terms, to improve page rank. So the more emails you send or more contacts you have on your email account don’t directly increase page rank. However you can improve page rank by changing the way that you engage with your audience. Here are some tips on how restructuring your emails could lead to a higher page rank.

  1. Encourage Engagement through Email– Just sending out emails with a blog or information about a service will not boost results alone. If those recipients then share the email, like or comment on it then it will begin to slightly increase your page rank. This is why it is important to have a call to action or an email incentivizing further interaction. For example, if you write a blog about an SEO method, you could ask your followers to leave a comment at the bottom about how that method would affect their own businesses. Another example would be if your business is participating in a charity event, asking them to share the blog about your event or comment on it on their social media websites could improve ranking.
  2. Push towards RSS & Regular Content Consumption– Emails are great reminders for your subscribers to check in and look at new content you have produced. It is also important for emails to not only encourage connection, but do it in a way that pushes readers to constantly interact with content so they no longer need emails as a reminder. One way to do this would be to encourage readers in the emails to connect with your RSS feed, that way they don’t need to be reminded through email to go to the site to see content that they would enjoy. Another way to push subscribers to regularly interact with your content is to encourage them to subscribe to any YouTube, Instagram or other social platform where content is displayed regularly.
  3. Newsletter Content Can be Recycled– If emails could be indexed it would be a huge boost for a lot of companies because they are filled with rich, new & original content. While these cannot directly impact page rank through indexing, they can be repurposed and used in other SEO strategies. Newsletters sent out via email are usually done sporadically, so they have a lot of information on them. That information can be broken down into smaller bullet points, which can then be used for blogs simply by adding links and some more content. Once the blog is live you can then share it on all of your social media platforms. If your newsletters are usually smaller than you can take three or four newsletters with relative content and turn out one blog from it.

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