Could Businesses Benefit from Leveraging Digital Plus Codes on Google Maps?

Google Map plus codes allow users and small businesses to generate digital business addresses for unmapped locations, which can help organize new business pivots or adjustments related to COVID-19. 

As businesses continue to address digital marketing challenges associated with COVID-19, ensuring that your consumers have detailed directions, locations for pickup/curbside services, or other COVID-19 adjustments is crucial. A Google Maps feature called Plus Codes may help individuals coordinate emergency services and small business actions, even without a physical address on Google Maps, according to a recent Keyword blog post from Google.

David Martin, the Director of Program Management at Google Maps, explained that plus codes are useful for the nearly 2 billion people and business owners that don’t have a physical address and need to coordinate the delivery of goods, services, and grassroots programs. Users on Google Maps or Google Search can now share the specific code to geolocate their position that may not be currently visible as a Google Maps address. Martin stated that plus codes are free to use, available for open source use on Github, and printable for businesses or individuals that want to make flyers or promotional materials.

How to Generate Google Maps Plus Codes

In the steps below, Google explains how Android users can use their devices on Google Maps to generate a digital plus code that is shareable:

  1. Open the Google Maps app on your device
  2. Check the blue dot for your location
  3. Tap on the blue dot to open the location
  4. Find the Plus Code on the top, it is a six digit code
  5. Use that code to share unmapped or non-geolocated positions

Martin expressed that plus codes are likely to be highly resourceful for many different types of businesses and volunteers helping their community during the COVID-19 pandemic:

“Plus Codes can be especially helpful for people and organizations in emergency and crisis response scenarios. If you’ve ever been in an emergency, you know that being able to share your location for help to easily find you is critical. Yet in many places in the world, organizations struggle with this challenge on a daily basis,” Martin said.

“With Plus Codes, not only can people share their location quickly even without an address, but they can now do so by simply opening up Google Maps and tapping on the blue dot to view, copy and share their Plus Code location. A Plus Code can then be entered into Google Maps to help locate and navigate to that location.”

Plus codes are just another resource that creative and innovative businesses may leverage to boost local SEO while addressing COVID-19 barriers for their customers. If you need a helping hand to optimize your local SEO, digital marketing strategy, or other SEO needs, then please contact our team today!

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