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How Big of a Deal is Website Speed?

Is site speed a major concern for you and your website? Most people will probably answer yes to this question. A site that loads faster and is more responsive can only mean good things, right?  Well site speed should be a concern, but maybe not for the reasons you think.

Recently Google announced that “Speed is a minor factor that impacts just 1 in 100 queries”. So why should we all be so concerned about site speed? The reason is that site speed can affect your user experience on your site, which in turn, can negatively affect other areas of your site. Think about the last time you waited for a slow site to load when you were doing a general search for information. Not long, right? It’s much easier to x out of your site and open the next one.

This will result in a higher bounce rate for your site, but most importantly, users visiting your competitor’s website instead of yours. What good is having a higher ranking in search results if nobody is landing on your pages?

There are a few major recommendations given to improve your site speed. The major one is to take a look at your hosting plan. If you are running on a slow server, your site is going to be slow as well. Consider shopping around for faster servers, the investment will be worth it.

Are you running an image heavy website? Consider compressing your images. Compressed images will take less time for browsers to load.

Are you hosting your site on a CMS such as Word Press or Drupal? Take a look into how many plugins you have running.  If you have a lot of unnecessary plugins running consider uninstalling the ones that aren’t crucial to the goal of your site.

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