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How Backlink Relationships Are Important to Your Users and SEO

Every marketer understands how backlinks are a beneficial aspect to their business site. Backlinks allow for an advantage over your competition, because learning how to use them effectively will provide your business with better rankings, and help build stronger relationships with your users/ visitors.

What Does it Take to Build Compelling Backlinks?

First, we must understand the message. When building backlinks you have to ensure that it makes sense and they are relatable. This is important information to have not only for use as a marketer but for the sites you will reach out to and the users that will be visiting the site.

Since Backlinks are vital ranking factors for SEO building links that match and correlate to results that users will find helpful is the way to go. The reason why is this will assist your users in getting to your site with the least amount of clicks possible. The questions you want to aim for when building links that are going to help you increase traffic are essential claims that will add value to the way you build them.

  • What is your prediction of your user’s intention when visiting your site?
  • What significant value are you delivering to the users visiting your site?
  • Why do users want to link to our site ?

Notice how the questions are geared towards how you can provide value to your user. This is what effective links provide and savvy online marketers have figured out a way of doing that by taking these questions and using them to find a linkable asset . In the marketing world, a linkable asset is content or a page that is worthy of a backlink.Thus it is important that when actively searching for these linkable asset, you as a marketer or business owner are referencing businesses in your department or category. When doing so be original with your approach learn about their business or brand. What you must be sure is that it is a good fit and that it will benefit both of you.

Building links is not only about what you will be gaining for your business but it is also about the relationships you will be creating. Since backlinks are such  strong ranking factors working with someone or a site  that will help bring someone to your page is something you should want. What is even better is that you are not breaking any rules and google will reward you for it in the long run.


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