How Artificial Intelligence Changes SEO

2017 just might be the year that computers outsmart humans. While some are spending a great deal of time optimizing their websites, Google search might be shifting the way we utilize SEO.

Black Hat Tactics

As Artificial intelligence progresses, blog networks and link schemes will be identified much more frequently. If enough patterns are detected, blogs and websites will be hit with a penalty almost immediately.

Less Support

Fewer people will be monitoring search engine support stations with Artificial intelligence on the rise. If you’re trying to get your website re-enlisted after being penalized, expect less support. The odds of getting your rankings back could take much longer so try your best not to get penalized!

Exact Keyword Phrases Will Not Be Important

Artificial intelligence is working with more than just searches in the Google search box. Now it has to decipher searches on tablet, phones, desktop, mobile and voice searches. AI will need to learn that a keyword phrase on one device could sound much different on voice search but the results must be the same.


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