How Are Social Media Channels Changing in 2022?

Going into this new year, social media is evolving to incorporate more specific features. It’s time to say goodbye to simple status updates and start growing your digital communities. While new social media trends can feel a bit overwhelming, keeping up with them and improving your current social media channels will give you an opportunity to connect with your audience in a new way. Keep reading below to learn more about this changing field. 

Streamlined Social Commerce 

Utilizing your channels for social commerce, a subset of e-commerce, is another great way to optimize your social channels in 2022. Everything happens on social media nowadays, including brand discovery, purchases, and user-generated content. Social media allows you to browse, find inspiration, and complete purchases. 60% of those in Generation Z use Instagram to discover new brands and products, and 71% of small businesses choose to sell on social media. 

Short-form Vertical Video is Here to Stay

Short video content and reels have boomed across social media channels. With TikTok and Instagram Reels, everyone is beginning to produce more and more video content. Video content engages audiences with storytelling and will help drive sales. On top of this, it will also help you get more engagement overall. In the past year alone, brands have been using more video content to connect on a deeper level and to better spotlight products and services. 

An Emphasis on Mental Health & Burnout Prevention 

A unique change in our social channels for 2022 is a higher emphasis on mental health. Around 90% of creators have experienced mental health issues due to social media. On top of that, 71% have considered quitting social media altogether. In 2022, there will be more attention paid to our relationship with social media, and making sure we take breaks. Many social apps have a new feature that allows users to receive reminders to take a break after a duration of their choice. Instagram specifically will also begin providing tips on how to best utilize a social media break – like listening to music or getting some fresh air. 

The “No Filter” Feed Takes Over 

Lastly, many brands and influencers are becoming much less filtered on their social channels. Content creators are shifting away from the curated feed aesthetic and choosing to show more in-the-moment content. This no-filter trend also goes hand-in-hand with brands and users choosing to be more authentic online. This has resulted in a shift in the type of content posted. In 2022, brands and creators will spend less time creating the picture-perfect profile, and spend more time fostering connections with their followers. 

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