How Amazon’s Advertising Advancements of 2018 Will Impact 2019

2018 was certainly one for the books as far as Amazon’s advertising business is concerned. Just behind Google, and Facebook, Amazon is now considered to be the third top ad seller in the U.S. Amazon made several changes and developments this past year that has led to a promising future ahead for them. Many marketers have already verbalized their intent to increase advertising budgets for Amazon in the next year, shifting budgets that are currently used for search, non-digital marketing such as radio and television, or paid social advertising. So what were some of these changes, and what will it mean for Amazon in 2019?

Unified Branding

One thing that Amazon did in September of 2018 was unified its disparate ad products such as AMG, AMS, and AAP, to all be under one umbrella brand, Amazon Advertising. Earlier in the year, they also merged their retail and marketing operations team. Combining these sections of business and rolling out more features to be available to all, not just retailers, contributed a big portion of their success last year.

Interface and API Updates

Amazon has made major changes to their campaign management capabilities over the past years. Enhancements to the UI and API were among the most notable changes. With the new changes to the UI, it’s easier to manage search accounts, with the option of customizing by date range. It also had added budget control across campaigns. The upgrades in the API have allowed the opportunity for account management automation and bulk updating.

Additional Inventory for Sponsored Brands

Among the updates included adding more inventory space for Sponsored Brands. The ads show up not only at the top of the search results page, but also in the left-hand side of the desktop. This was a major contributor in Amazon’s success this year, as Sponsored Brands typically drive higher click-through rates and overall strong performance. Adding these placements also had significant benefits for advertisers.

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