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How Accurate Are Google’s Tweets Stream?

Google has recently promised that they will improve the accuracy of their tweet results in relation to queries. This all began in 2015, when Google and Twitter made a deal where Google would show tweets, tweeted live, in the Google stream. This allows for search in real time, as opposed to getting information that may have been from a while back. This allows for users to find what they are looking for in relation to events, good or bad. Events such as the Superbowl, or even the Grammy’s are typically live-tweeted because Twitter is the perfect platform for that. Google picked up on this and found a way to incorporate it into the search engine.
The way they incorporated this was by creating a stream of tweets relative based on content and hashtags. This live stream typically shows up at the top of the results and is in a carousel form with a few different tweets. What comes in to question here, however, is the accuracy of these tweets. This is beneficial for Google, in that they now have an opportunity to collaborate with Twitter and create a more user-friendly service, and it is extremely beneficial for Twitter because now they are going to be getting a huge amount of traffic organically, from Google.
In light of many recent events, the accuracy has failed Google in that the information and content have not been correct. Many have complained about this, due to the fact that this misinformation has spread. Because of this happening, Twitter and Google have both made statements about the algorithm. They have mentioned things such as how the algorithm is everchanging, and dynamic, as well as tries to filter out fake information. Google has promised to ensure that the information going into search results will be more accurate, so we shall find out in the coming months if there are any improvements.

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