How Accelerated Mobile Pages Can Positively Affect Your Site

An accelerated mobile page is essentially all of the same content from your desktop website, condensed into a smaller platform. Accelerated mobile pages, or AMPs, are used to create a fast, easy-to-navigate layout of your site for the simplicity of users on their mobile devices. While searching on your mobile device’s browser, have you ever noticed the small lightning symbol in the top right corner of a search result? That is what indicates to users that they are entering an AMP. Since more than half of website traffic comes from mobile devices today, it’s important to adjust your website format to fit the criteria needed for an AMP.

Why Users Prefer AMPs

Knowing that more than 50% of search engine users come from mobile devices, Google wanted to make sure that these users were satisfied with their results. Creating quick page speed is important to Google, as users may use other browsers if it means quicker results. Users are looking for quick page speed when trying to locate a phone number or address, online shopping, or trying to gain access to time-sensitive websites, such as a concert or special event. 

To ensure that users stay on your web page, it is important to incorporate an AMP for mobile users. Not only will the quick page speed keep them interacting with your site for longer periods of time, but this can actually help your rankings as well. Giving users the ability to quickly jump from page to page, or the ability to call or email you within seconds, helps to increase the pages per session and improve the bounce rate. All of these factors lead to improved overall SEO for your website.

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