How A New Site Layout Can Improve User Experience

There are a ton of tiny factors that go into a website user’s decision to follow through on your services. Besides having a need for the specific service being offered, user trust is gained through means such as convincing calls to action and an extensive record of successful past work. But, did you know that your website’s layout can play a role in this decision as well? Older websites and those with outdated themes are less likely to have prolonged success. How can a new website improve the user experience? We go into detail below!

Faster Page Speeds

A website’s page speed has the potential to make or break its success. Quick page speeds can help users navigate your website at their own pace, not needing to worry about issues that could slow their progress. Older websites are far less likely to have high page speeds! Updating your website’s layout will allow you to take action to make your website load faster. While it’s not a significant ranking factor, slow page speed can contribute to increased bounce rates. Make sure you take this into consideration!

Greater Accessibility

Perhaps the biggest problem surrounding older websites isn’t something that would have been one 15 years ago. Today, more and more people are using their mobile devices to browse the Internet. With this newfound method of browsing came guidelines to ensure that everyone could appropriately access websites. Older websites are far more likely to appear off on mobile devices, as these were designed before mobile devices were kept in mind. A new website layout will ensure that your website is accessible to all.

Improved Appearances

Let’s face the facts; older websites definitely don’t look as pretty as their newer counterparts. By upgrading your website’s layout, you’ll be presenting your audience with a much cleaner viewing experience. Users will be much more likely to convert if the website is easy to navigate, pretty, and sends the right message. Upgrading your website’s layout has the potential to hit all three of these goals. As long as you don’t overdo it, your website’s appearance will see significant improvements!

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