Helpful WordPress Tips to Write Quality Content & Save Time

Approximately 20% of websites are hosted under WordPress and this number is continuing to grow. There are also nearly 20,000 WordPress posts published each and every day. Writing content and posting blogs is a crucial part of SEO, so the faster and more effectively that you can do that, the better you will rank on Google.

Here are some helpful tips to increase your total productivity while writing blogs on WordPress:

  1. Reduce Distraction: You are sitting on the WordPress post page and you need to push out a quality blog. Where does your attention go? The side plugins, categories and other options? When the brain works on two concurrent goals, the brain gets divided in half. While the right and left side of the brain works together when completely focused on one goal, both sides work independently from each other when working on two goals; such as writing a blog and figuring out the WordPress system. WordPress has a distraction-free writing mode that completely removes any distractions, shading out all areas besides the text window.WordPress Distraction Writing
  2. Editorial Calendar Plugins: When managing your business posts, editorial calendars are extremely helpful. They truly help to maintain organization, while also making it easy to produce and set up seasonally inspired posts for the future.  Simply search “Editorial Calendar” in WordPress and you will find many helpful plugins.
  3. Photo Plugins: Adding photos to blogs makes your posts more user-friendly. It makes them more enjoyable to read and also more eye-catching when sharing the blog throughout social media. Looking under one hood is the most optimal solution for getting stock photos for our blogs. Luckily you can download plugins such as Flickr gallery, or foobox, so you don’t have to leave WordPress.
  4. Auto Embedding: Without having to find the embed code and posting in the text portion of WordPress, you are actually allowed to post URL’s of videos, images and articles from supported sites and they will appear in reach media. Some of the popular sites we all use that auto-embed are Instagram, Flickr, Twitter, Vimeo & YouTube. This is a helpful tool that can save you time.

If using all these tips help you write an additional blog every month, they are doing their job. You will reap the benefits and Google will only rank you higher.

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