Helpful Tips for Local SEO

Your website is the center of your online marketing, knowing the basics when it comes to individual locations for your local SEO is your best bet to thrive. Here are common website issues for businesses engaging in local SEO.

  • Not having location pages can hinder your local SEO, when creating location pages ideally each store should have a unique page that is well optimized.
  • Be sure to have discoverable location pages. Google will not be able to find or index your location pages if your pages are only available through a search finder on your website.
  • Lack of location page quality can hurt your search results, be sure to provide users with everything they need to contact your business. Provide specific business hours, local information, link to other features in your website that is relevant to this location and a map.
  • Avoid having poor website site quality, be sure to add uniqueness and relevance to your pages when working on your website.  Make sure your website is fully optimized, well written content and mobile friendly.
  • Avoid getting penalties to your website by installing Google Webmaster Tools.

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