Helpful Strategies Using Video to Improve Your SEO

When trying to discover new strategies on how to improve your video visibility, remember that a video is useless unless it can be found. Here are some valuable tips about how to improve your SEO techniques to get your website and video found.

Video Integration

Placing videos on your website can help boost page rank efforts; video integration is an important SEO ranking factor. Videos on your website are an indicator of quality content which helps send signals to search engines containing relevant search requests. Search engines will continue to increase the ranking factor of your video as consumers will request video in search results.

Keyword Placement

Help identify your video by providing relevant information to search engines; the same way a person would label images and graphics. Describe your video with relevant keywords to ensure that your video is being shown to the right audience.

Video Sitemap

Having a video sitemap is exactly like an XML sitemap, only it describes the video rather than the webpages on your site. Metadata can be customized to include duration, rating, view count, and age.

Create a YouTube Channel & Share

Be sure to create a YouTube channel and insert your website URL as well as a description. Sharing your video through social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+) increases the likelihood of your video being found in search results and drives traffic to your website.

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