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Helpful SEO Insights on Google Analytics

Google Analytics offers many different insights into your website, your customers, and their behavior. With this entire wealth of information, how do we know what is most beneficial to SEO? By understanding certain key performance indicators, or KPIs, you can then make the best decisions for your website to improve your overall metrics and the customer experience. Learn more about analytical insights with Boston Web Marketing. 

Mobile Traffic

Mobile traffic makes up the majority of all searches on Google. This also means that a majority of the traffic to your site comes from mobile as well. It isn’t enough to simply monitor mobile traffic; you also need to monitor the engagement. You can do this by: 

  • Adding mobile segments to view mobile conversions on individual pages
  • Paying attention to pages with high mobile bounce rates and fixing the problems on those pages, especially on pages that perform well in desktop view.
  •  Determining the amount of new versus returning site visitors. This will help you determine how those visitors are finding your site.

There may be other factors that impact your traffic. If you have experienced a recent drop in organic traffic, let us help you determine the reason why and how to fix it. 

Site Search

For sites that have a search bar on their pages, there is an enormous amount of information about what their visitors are searching for. If a large portion of visitors are using the search bar, that can indicate the navigation on your site is difficult to understand. Improving this can help give visitors a clear indication of where their items are located. 

You can also use the search bar to help come up with content or product ideas. If different visitors are searching for the same product or idea, it is clear your site can generate more traffic by creating content around these searches. The same concept can be applied to content or products you do have. If they are still being searched for, featuring them on the homepage may be beneficial. 

Bounce Rate

high bounce rate can indicate many different things, and a poor consumer experience isn’t always the problem. High bounce rates can mean the content on your page didn’t correlate with the search query, or a page may have taken too long to load. If you compare one time period on Google Analytics to another, and the bounce rate has increased significantly, it may be an indication pages need updating. 

Use Google Analytics on your site with Boston Web Marketing

The experts at BWM are all trained to understand the in’s and out’s of Google Analytics and how it can be used to improve your website. Tell us more about the improvements you want to make on your site, and we can help fix them today. 

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