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Facebook’s “timeline” has been recently made mandatory (Mar. 30th 2012) on the site and it is a new way for brands/businesses to interact with customers on a personal level. But for a company to properly interact with customers in the social media age, there are some tips to move in the right direction:

  1. Start to think like a social network:

Social media sites see everyone as an equal.  Whether it’s a page for 20 year old college student or a 20 year old consulting firm, social networks see people and firms in the same way.  Realize this and interact with customers like they are the people they are.

  1. Begin with your team:

Usually while companies are scrambling to figure out how to create a more human feel to their business.  They forget to start at the most important part, their own staff.  Employees are the most genuine way to get a real expression of your business.  Post about the great happenings you have going on with your company.  An inside look on the company shows the realness and human side to your business.

  1. Leave the execs out:

This isn’t for all cases but most, you want to keep executives out of a company’s social network accounts.  It’s because usually executives are too out of touch when it comes to the normal client experience to understand how to communicate with them.

  1. Use your customers input as fuel to the fire:

Social media is a way of hearing your customers’ opinions on your specific business/product.  This is like having a focus group without having to pay for it.  Companies make posts about how they can make their business better for their customers.  Use the input of your clients to make your business/product better.

  1. Admit to your shortcomings:

To show a company is human, admit to your shortcomings.  This helps in a customer’s eyes to show that you can make a mistake, admit it and then correct that mistake to make the product/business better.


-George Freeman

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