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Regardless of industry, your business can benefit from an online presence. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn can help potential clients a look into your culture and values. Depending on some industries, these platforms can even be used as a mechanism to sell services, products, or provide general information to potential customers. Here at Boston Web Marketing, we have helped the business of numerous industries increased their online presence through effective social media management. Continue reading to learn more about how we can get your Social media game on point!

Consider your Industry and Audience

When creating a social media platform for your business consider the users who will be interacting with it the most. Some businesses just will not draw a massive following due to the work they provide but this is ok. This can be due to the locality of businesses or industries like plumbing or tax services. Again, if you acknowledge who your users are going to be, your social media can still help your business.

Employees Engagement and Showcase

A social media account can also be a means for employees to interact with each other and to customers.  If your social media account isn’t set up to drive in leads or selling products, show the human side of your business. Show how your business cares about its employees, community, and quality of work. Employees are the most genuine way to get a real expression of your business.  Post about the great happenings you have going on with your company.  An inside look at the company shows the realness and human side of your business. With consistent posting and interaction with other community companies and businesses, your business’ brand will continue to grow.  The next time a potential client needs your service or product, they may instinctively think of your company due to the reinforcement of your branding and messaging.

Links and Likes

NAP consistency across the web is an important ranking factor for Google. Furthermore, NAP consistency on sites with strong domain authority like social media channels are the first ones crawled by search engines. Social media profiles re-affirm your name,  address, and phone number on authoritative sites.

Additionally, Likes are a good way to show growth within your account and the progress of the campaign.

Social Media and Your Business

Social media channels for your business can help in increasing your brand, showing your involvement with the community, and promote services and products. Be sure to consider your audience and give the people what they want! If your customer base would respond to lighthearted content, go with that. If its number and news articles, share that! Each and every company’s social media strategy should differ and this differentiation is the expertise of Boston Web Marketing. If you are interested in more SEO techniques or would like to hire us to manage your reputation online call us at 857.526.0096.

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