Have You Updated Your Google iOS Search App?

It has been a few weeks since Google updated its iOS Search App to Version 4.0 and if you haven’t updated yours yet, here is a friendly reminder!  So, what new features make it worth the update?  There are several helpful functions associated with Version 4.0 that iOS users have found helpful.

For one, those who enjoy chatting with Siri can use Google’s Search App in a similar way: you are now able to use a voice search and Google is actually capable of responding to more conversational searches.  You can simply tap your device’s microphone, say “Ok Google,” and search away.  Test it out by asking a more general question and then breaking down into more specifics from there.

The app announced some additional updates as well, such as a faster loading time when running Google Search as well as a more enhanced and effective experience when looking for images.

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