Have You Tried Facebook Autoplay Video Ads?

At the end of each year, companies often evaluate different components of their marketing efforts, such as their SEO and social media strategies.  What is new, what has changed, what should we expect to thrive in the new year; all of these points of discussion are important for businesses and marketing professionals to consider.

From the social media side of things, one new tool that was introduced in 2014 was the ability to create and present a Facebook Video Ad for your brand.  While you may be apprehensive about advertising on Facebook in general, this form of marketing has proven to be of great appeal to companies both large and small.

Facebook Video Ads present a unique ability for brands to engage in a new way on the social network. You also have the opportunity to determine how much you want to invest in this form of marketing, which is an important factor that companies must continuously evaluate.  So, have you given this strategy a try?  It has been noted that Facebook is currently putting great emphasis on these video ads, heavily incorporating them throughout users’ newsfeeds and because of this, this could be your company’s best strategy when considering new targeting efforts on Facebook.



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