Have You Made a Holiday Marketing Checklist?

According to Gallup’s latest poll, the average American spends $883 on holiday gifts in 2018, and 33% of them plan to spend at least $1000 on Christmas gifts. This clearly shows that customers are ready to start their holiday shopping, so this would be a great time to make sure your marketing campaign is ready also.

Here’s the checklist for you to consider.

1. Work on the Website

Winterizing your website brings a festive and a personal mood that not only attracts visitors but also gives them an enjoyable journey when exploring through the pages. Your holiday marketing campaign should be engaging and memorable as this will bring an emotional connection between your brand/services and your visitors. Do you have discounts for the holiday season? Make sure it’s noticeably displayed on the homepage for a higher chance of conversion as this is one of the busiest times of the year.

2. Email Campaign

Customers are expecting great promotional deals coming through their inboxes. Customize your emails with festive, colorful designs and a clear “% off” sign for your email marketing campaign. Why not take one step further, treat your loyal customers with a unique email and expand your offer further. Rewarding your loyal customers will make them feel special.

3. The Power of Pinterest

Customers are always looking for handmade gifts, inspiration, food ideas, and many more. Be creative with your boards with montages of your product in its full holiday splendor! Don’t forget to encourage those visitors to visit your website.

4. Run a Contest

Maximize your social media tools and hold a contest with an offer a customer can’t refuse to participate in! Because who doesn’t like a chance to win an extra gift at this time of the year? Whether it be a photo contest, comments, shares, etc. This is a perfect opportunity to entertain your customers.

5. Last Minute Gift Ideas

Gift buying can be challenging when looking for the perfect present for your friends and family. Consider offering last-minute gift ideas to save those late shoppers the embarrassment of not finding the appropriate Christmas gift.

6. Run Holiday PPC Ads

With some budget to spare, find your target audience by advertising your brand to the right people who are looking for your products and services during the holiday season. Have plenty of things to promote? Create a classic Advent theme and offer new items each day! If you have not fully maximized your holiday marketing campaign yet, now is the time to get started!

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