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Have A Question? Google Home Has The Answer

Google is taking the ability to acquire information anywhere, anytime to a whole new level. The search engine giant continues to outperform it’s competitors on the web because it provides the most relevant answers to some of our most pressing questions.

But why not provide those same informative answers to people anywhere in their home at any time? Introducing Google Home, the search engine’s latest tangible piece of technology.

Google Home’s Greatest Features

As a hands-free, voice activated device, the inconspicuous self standing device will serve to answer any questions you might have throughout the day. Google Home has been labeled as smarter than Echo’s “Alexa” assistant, which serves a similar purpose. The reason Google outshines it’s competitors in this industry is because of it’s Internet background. The search engine giant acquires information from across the web on a daily basis, consistently gathering more answers to questions users have.

The device has the ability to answer simple questions such as what the weather is like in your particular area, or simple “trivia” facts such as the distance between the Earth and the Sun. What really makes Google Home stand out from the rest is it’s ability to answer more complex, unique questions. An author of Search Engine Land, for example, asked “Can guinea pigs eat grapes?” Unlike Amazon’s Alexa, Google Home gave a complete and credible answer.

One of the most important features Google Home provides for homeowners is it’s ability to send links to sources the device is using. For example, if one was to ask for a certain cooking recipe, Google Home will read off the recipe verbally but will also follow up with a link to the site it’s pulling the information from.

In all, for those who are looking for answers without having to head to your desktop or mobile device, Google Home is where it’s at. Meanwhile, if you want more news article options or better sound quality to play music, Amazon’s Echo is the device of choice.

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