Hashtags, #WhatAreTheyGoodFor?

Hashtags have been around for years now, originally a symbol of the pound key it has evolved into a functional way to give your social media posts a valid way to search for content well beyond the platform it has been utilized on. With the rise of social media, hashtags gained popularity with popular social sharing platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, & Instagram in an attempt to consolidate & categorize topics in an attempt to make it easier for users to find the content they are genuinely interested in. But with that said, you might still be wondering what are hashtags good for? When it comes to Social Media & Social Search Cues, absolutely everything (don’t mind the cliché).

Utilizing Hashtags On Specific Platforms


Using hashtags in your tweets can greatly increase your engagement rate when integrated correctly. Research has shown that tweets with hashtags get twice the engagement than those without. However, you have to be careful about how many you are going to include. If you’re struggling with words or phrases to use for your hashtag, try using the trending bar to see if there are any that may be relevant to your own tweets. You can also use generic, popular hashtags such as #Mondaymotivation or #FridayFeeling (but only if they are relevant to you, of course!).


Including hashtags in your Instagram captions is one of the best ways to get your posts seen. It greatly improves your reach by allowing your posts to be pulled into topic-specific feeds. On Instagram, the reigns are loosened a bit, but studies still suggest you keep your hashtag count below 10. Depending on the audience you are trying to reach, a general rule of thumb is to include approximately five relevant hashtags. One thing to be careful of is not using the same words or phrases in your hashtags on all posts, as you could be putting yourself at visibility risk or shadowban. Instagram views this is spammy or inappropriate behavior and could potentially make it nearly impossible for your posts to be seen.  So again, use a few hashtags that are specific and relevant to that post only.


While many people use hashtags on Facebook, studies have shown that they actually do not affect engagement. If you do choose to use them, limit it to one or two. The more you use, it will actually have negative effects on your engagement.

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Why Should I Use Hashtags?

Hashtags are an excellent way to find and follow pages, discussions, and topics from a variety of individuals and content creators that are relevant your business and any relevant trending topics. Using hashtags also increases the chances of your business being discovered and greatly increases user engagement on any applicable social platform.

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